Sound Healing Training

‘SPIRIT FLOW’ SACRED SOUND HEALING TRAINING – course outline and info – each training is unique and created in the moment, one-to-one and bespoke.

Whether your aim is to give group sound healing sessions, merge your existing healing modalities with sound, or something else entirely, this training course. 6-day residential/non-residential.

This is an opportunity to work with Spirit and connect with your unique, authentic soundhealing voice. You will have the opportunity to discover technique, experiment and explore in a beautiful supportive environment; to witness and receive soundhealings for your personal development and healing journey.

YOU are the instrument through which Spirit flows. Our aim is to be a clear, heart-centred channel.

In service to the Highest Good, we can focus Intention on specific issues, and co-create healing shifts for others, raising the vibration in our personal and the global energy fields.

Spirit Flow Sound Training is an affordable six day-long training programme. These 6 days can be experienced 2 days a week over 3 weeks; 3 days a week over 2 weeks; or as a 6-day Residential Intensive.

The first 4 days are exploration and experimentation with techniques, plus personal clearing. The last 2 days involve giving sessions, under supervision and mentorship.

By the end of this unique bespoke training you will be ready and confident to pursue your intended goal. Previous trainees have gone on to deliver group sound baths, one-to-one healing sessions, and have merged their existing healing modalities with sound.

The £s exchange is £100 per day including simple nourishing food and drink (let me know your dietary requirements), and basic comfortable accommodation in the Hermitage if staying overnight.

Payments can be made in one go, or in two installments, with a full commitment to completing the 6 day course.

Instruments are:

  • Koshi Chimes (Air, Earth, Fire, Water);
  • singing bowls tuned to various notes and chakras;
  • Wah Wah Pipe and Tuning Fork both tuned to 528Htz heart/love frequency;
  • Symphonic Gong, with mallets and flumis;
  • Crystal Pyramid;
  • Crystal Bowls (Gold, all the Chakras and Earth/OM bowls);
  • Angel Chimes;
  • Ocean Drum;
  • Your voice

On Day 1 techniques and information are shared. Notebook and pen required. Plus you will receive a healing session.

On days 2, 3, & 4 there will be a mixture of honing techniques, receiving and giving sessions, experimentation and play.

On days 5 and 6 we will invite people to experience you giving a sound healing sound and they will give you constructive feedback.


“I have just had the immense privilege of being the first residential student of Ali Oakwood to learn all about sound bath healing with the many different sound tools that Ali has including a Symphonic gong.

What I learnt over the six days that I stayed was a real eye opener.

I found Ali’s tuition to be extremely thorough and very professional.

Ali’s dedication to her work speaks volumes, and to be taught in the way that she does it cannot fail to make a real impact (it certainly has for me).

If you’re thinking of learning about sound bath healing, I cannot recommend Ali highly enough.

During my six day residential course at Ali’s I experienced wonderful home cooked very wholesome food. The type of food provided really hit the spot for the energy used by me on the course.

As for the accommodation, again I was the first to experience sleeping in the “Hermitage“ adjacent to her beautiful Yurt.

Very comfortable and very cosy.

All in all the six days was an amazing experience on all levels.

I feel that anyone who opts for the residential course will NOT be disappointed.

Thank you Ali

Bless you


Guy Taylor

Healing Intent …