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Dear Friends. As the three winter months are about to begin, as a way of remaining connected during this time of natural hibernation, from the yurt I will be sharing LIVE SOUND HEALING SESSIONS – GONGBATHS every day at 10am during December, January and February. I will be broadcasting from my Facebook page Ali Oakwood | Facebook and sharing on the pages I admin only, rather than to other groups (who would be overwhelmed by the daily input). If you are not already connected/a Friend and wish to be, please send me a Friend Request. All videos are archived on the YouTube channel METTA COLLECTIVE – Love in Action – YouTube and New Earth Gong and Drum Baths Facebook page New Earth Gong and Drum Baths | Facebook .

Tune in live or at any time/day of your choosing. There will be a THEME/ISSUE for each session, intuited on the day. Please feel free to message me with issues, topics concerning you.

If you wish to be here in person (up to 4 people at a donation of £20 or £10 concessions) then message me beforehand to book a space, and arrange car shares. There are two couches, two bedding roll beds, plenty of blankets and a warm stove. To be here in person, you need to arrive by 9.30am so we can do an Enquiry process beforehand to take the healing deeper. It is your choice whether you are vaxxed or masked. All I ask is that you do not come if you are unwell in any physical way. My choice is to be unvaxxed and unmasked. Bring water and wear comfortable clothing, including warm socks/slippers.

Love and blessings

Ali xx

YouTube VIDEOS – free sacred sound healing sessions – archive on YouTube channel and Facebook page.

METTA COLLECTIVE – Love in Action – YouTube

New Earth Gong and Drum Baths | Facebook

Instruments set up for transmissions
Gold bowl