Drum and Voice Circles

Every Wednesday and Thursday we gather in Circle to hold Sacred SpaceHeartshareDrum, use our Medicine Voices for healing, and receive a Gong Soundbath. The Intention is… through healing ourselves we raise our individual and collective vibrations.

I have drums and beaters to lend or bring your own. Bring salad/snack food to share afterwards for a communal ‘pot luck’ lunch/supper. Up to 7 guests welcome. Donations welcome for yurt upkeep and investment,  £10/£15/£20 depending on your circumstances.

Wednesday Daytime Circle in the Yurt 11am to 1pm. Shared salad/snack communal ‘pot luck’ lunch till 2pm.

Thursday Evening Circle in the Yurt 6pm to 8pm. Shared salad/snack communal ‘pot luck’ supper till 9pm.

To be inclusive, and to honour our sovereign right to choose, we welcome both the vaxxed and unvaxxed. The request is that you are considerate and discerning and do not attend if you are unwell.